Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamster

A Syrian hamster (Latin name Mesocricetus auratus) makes a great pet for children and adults. They're inquisitive, gentle-natured and very energetic.

They're also nocturnal, so they'll spend most of the day sleeping. But in the evening and at night: the fun begins.


Syrian hamsters originated in south-west Asia. All today's pets are thought to have come from just one hamster family, captured in the 1930's. To protect themselves from heat and predators, they burrow underground. There they sleep throughout the day, rising to search for food at night when it gets cooler.

If the temperature drops below 10°C, Syrian hamsters hibernate. So if yours appears to be in a deep sleep, this may be the reason.

Syrian hamsters carry food in their cheek pouches, which amazingly can hold half their body weight. They can even hide a newly-born litter in their pouches when danger is present.

Golden hamster is just another name for the Syrian hamster, but there are are over 40 colour varieties as well as three types of coat - short hair, long hair and rex.

To take the best care of your Syrian hamsters, you'll need all these things:

Suitable cage
Gnaw-proof food dish
Supahamster Hamster Harvest food
Water bottle
Wood shavings
Soft bedding
Healthy snacks
Gnaw block
Excel Gnaw Sticks

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