Syrian Hamster Handling

Syrian Hamster Handling

When your new Syrian hamster comes home for the first time, don't try to handle him immediately. Allow a couple of days for settling in. Chat away gently to get your pet used to the sound of your voice. It all helps.

When you think the right time has come, hold your hand in the cage so your Syrian hamster can smell you. It's a good idea to always wash your hands first, so you smell the same every time. Then they can recognise you more easily.

Your hamster may like to walk onto your hand, or you can scoop him up gently with two hands. Keep your hands over a table or sofa or close to the floor in case there's an escape attempt or they fall and hurt themselves.

The more you play with and handle your hamster, the better. Once tamed, your Syrian hamster should stay that way. Before you know it, he'll be so friendly you'll have him eating out of your hand - literally.

Waking your pet up to handle him is a very bad idea. You wouldn't like it, and nor will he. But unlike you, he may bite out of fear.

Never pick a Syrian hamster up by the scruff of the neck - it puts pressure on the head and may cause the eyes to pop out.

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