Syrian Hamster Companionship

Syrian Hamster Companionship

Your Syrian hamster will enjoy contact with you, but won't get on with other Syrian hamsters. So no pairs or groups.

Fun and Frolics

Play, exploration and exercise are all vital to your Syrian hamster's happiness. So keep the cage interesting with plenty of toys to keep him busy in the night, while you're asleep. Tubes are good, wooden objects to gnaw on are ideal. A wheel is great, but make sure it's not too small - your hamster's back should not be curved when it's in use. Wheels are something to be wary of if your Syrian hamster is long-haired, as are any other toys which might trap his coat.

Outside their cage, a hamster ball is a great way to explore and exercise.

The Joy of Grooming

If your Syrian hamster is long-haired, daily grooming is important. But if not, regular grooming is still a good idea. It helps to strengthen the bond between you, and you can check for health problems.

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