Dwarf Hamster Feeding

Dwarf Hamster Feeding

In the wild, Dwarf hamsters are omnivores. They'll happily munch on grasses, seeds, plant roots and the occasional tasty creepy-crawly. Supahamster Dwarf Hamster Harvest is an ideal replacement: a complete food containing small seeds and grains, wholesome peas and whole, dried mealworms for essential animal protein.

Provide fresh food every day: around a tablespoon is plenty. It's best served at your Dwarf hamsters’ breakfast time – which is when they wake up in the evening. Use a ceramic bowl, which is more stable and gnaw-proof, and give fresh water daily in a bottle.

For a treat, provide Excel Nature Snacks – made from all-natural good things. Hide them round the cage so your pets have to forage to find them, just like in the wild. It prevents boredom, promotes exercise and helps to keep Dwarf hamsters very happy.

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