Dwarf Hamster Companionship

Dwarf Hamster Companionship

Should you keep a lone Dwarf hamster or aim for two or more? The answer is: it depends.

Roborovski and both Russian varieties are extremely sociable and love nothing more than cuddling up together. Aim for a pair or group of the same sex – otherwise there'll be a mini population explosion.

Chinese hamsters may well fight. If this happens, you may have to keep your pets in separate cages.
When Dwarf hamsters aren’t sleeping or eating, they’re looking for action. And play is number one on their list. A little exploration, a little something to chew on – heaven. Of course, what they don’t know is that they’re getting plenty of healthy exercise into the bargain. But you do, so make life fun.

Provide plenty of toys to keep your pets busy in the night, while you're asleep. Tubes are good, wooden objects to gnaw are ideal, a wheel is great. But wheels are something to be wary of if your Dwarf hamsters are long-haired, as are any other toys which might trap their coat.

A mini hamster ball is a great way to explore and exercise outside the cage. And the only safe way. You don’t really want Dwarf hamsters on the loose. They would be very hard to find.

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