Getting a new pet can is a wonderful experience and if you are considering adopting or buying a dog then you have made a fantastic choice. Dogs are amazing pets and over time can form bonds that really make them feel like part of the family. But it is important that you make sure that a dog is the right pet for you and your family and you need to be confident that you can meet his needs, which include feeding, health and emotional wellbeing. Owning a dog is not cheap so consider the cost of dog food, bedding, vaccinations, toys and leads before bringing him home.

Research is vital for anyone considering owning a dog. Not all breeds suit all lifestyles and some breeds require more exercise than others. You need to be confident that your lifestyle suits the needs of the dog. Doing a little research needn’t be an arduous task and a responsible rescue centre or breeder should be able to give you some guidance. The internet is also a great resource and you could even try asking for the opinions of others on pet forums or our very own Facebook page.

Should I Rescue or Buy?

This is a serious question and one that should always be considered because there are thousands of fantastic dogs in rescue shelters throughout the UK looking for their forever home RIGHT NOW.  Many of these loyal creatures were put into rescue because their first family did not do their research and struggled to meet their needs. These dogs really are deserving of a loving home so please don’t rule out adopting rather than buying. It is worth remembering that a dog in rescue will likely have experienced trauma in their life (the rescue shelter itself is traumatic enough for most dogs) so they will need some extra care and attention on those first few days in their new home.

When adopting a dog from a rescue don’t be surprised if the shelter asks for a home check and for a donation towards the cost of vaccinations/micro chipping/neutering. Rescues are expensive to run and most depend on the generous donations of others.

If you are thinking about buying a dog then you not only need to research the breed but also the breeder. Make sure the breeder is registered with the Kennel Club. Sadly there are a number of disreputable breeders who put money first and the welfare of the dogs second, so please ensure you never buy from an unregistered breeder. When you arrive to inspect the dogs or puppies ask to see the pups with their mother. As a rule of thumb, a happy and healthy mother is usually a sign of a good level of care and welfare. You should also ask the breeder for details of the dog’s breeding lineage and score test results (such as hip and eye tests).