Dried pet food manufacturer Burgess Supafeeds, is investing over £1million in the biggest marketing campaign in the company’s history, to support the launch of new premium dog food range, Supadog Wellbeing. The campaign will start in mid-October to coincide with Wellbeing going on shelf. Comprising a direct mail leaflet drop and money-off vouchers, the campaign will reach an audience of over 1.5 million consumers. Money-off vouchers will be placed in the Mail on Sunday, which is delivered directly to over 1million readers, offering £5-off a 12.5kg sack of Wellbeing. Vouchers offering £1.50 off 2.5kg bags are being included in coupon books distributed by Express Dairies, which are delivered to 500,000 households. Burgess will also carry out its largest direct mail campaign to date, dropping 80,000 leaflets to dog-owning households across the UK. The leaflets will offer a total of £20-worth of vouchers. A “call to action” will also be included, asking recipients to send their details to Burgess in order to claim a free 750g sample bag. Paul Miley, managing director at Burgess, said: “This is the most high-profile product launch in the history of Burgess Supafeeds, and our level of investment highlights our commitment to the brand. We’re so confident in the quality of Wellbeing that we firmly believe once a consumer starts to feed it to their dog, they will remain loyal to the brand. We have therefore included free samples and money-off vouchers in our launch campaign in order to get as many consumers as possible to try the product.“ The mail-out is expected to have a high redemption rate, as it will target people whose demographic profile fits that of a ‘typical’ buyer of Wellbeing. Burgess identified the typical Wellbeing consumer through extensive research carried out prior to the launch of the range. Supadog Wellbeing is available in four variants – Early Days, Great Life, Kind and Sensitive, and Young at Heart. All variants are available in two sizes, with recommended retail prices of £5.99 for 2.5kg packs and £24.99 for 12.5kg sacks.