Enrichment Activities for Your Gerbil

Wed 22nd October, 2014

Enrichment Begins at Home The most important thing you can do to enrich the lives of your gerbils is to provide them with a suitable home. Rather than just an old cage, you really want to look for a gerbilarium. This involves a cage on a bit of a tank filled with natural wood shavings….

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What not to feed your dog or cat this Christmas

Tue 21st October, 2014

During the festive period it can be extremely tempting to feed your dog more than you would usually. Not only is this bad for the digestive system and overall health, there are many foods that are fine for humans, but can prove fatal for our four-legged friends. Chocolate There’s a lot of chocolate around at…

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A rabbit is for life, not just for Christmas

Mon 20th October, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, we bet most of you are thinking about presents and what to buy your family and friends. We know that the ‘not just for Christmas’ message is a long standing one, but it really is an important message. It’s tempting to buy a fluffy little bunny at the festive…

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How much do you know about Chinchillas?

Mon 20th October, 2014

Chinchillas are friendly animals that are well-known for their timid nature and soft, luxurious fur. They can make a great pet for older children and adults – but how many of these facts did you know about them? 1. The word chinchilla literally translates to ‘little Chincha’. The beloved pet was originally named after the…

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How to protect your pets on Bonfire Night

Sat 18th October, 2014

Bonfire Night is a day that sparks fear and dread into people and their four-legged friends everywhere. A large proportion of dogs and cats have a fear of the explosions following fireworks, and it can make for a stressful few days around 5th November. Here are our top tips to keep your pooches and their…

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Caring for your cat during winter

Thu 16th October, 2014

Winter can be a fun, but also gruelling time for both humans and pets. Here are our top tips for how to keep your cat safe and healthy over the colder months. As most cats like the freedom to roam around outside, it’s important that your feline isn’t outside for too long a period during…

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Caring for your dog in winter

Wed 15th October, 2014

Winter can be a difficult time of year for the best of us, but especially for our four legged friends! Here are our top tips for caring for your dog during the colder months. It might be obvious, but keeping your pooch warm during winter is really important. If your canine usually lives outside, considering…

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Caring for your rabbits & guinea pigs during winter

Tue 14th October, 2014

The cold winter months can take the toll on even the hardiest of bunnies and guinea pigs. Follow our top tips to ensure you make winter as comfortable as possible for your pets. Due to their origin in sunnier climes, guinea pigs in particular are especially susceptible to colds and chills, therefore measures should be…

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Birch Bark Herbage: Bugs’ Story

Mon 13th October, 2014

We love hearing lovely feedback from our happy customers. Here is one story from Helen Mordey who was struggling to get her rabbit to eat hay that was until she tried the Excel Birch Bark Herbage! Read more about her experience below… “I just wanted to let you know that your Birch Bark Herbage is…

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Enrichment Ideas to Keep Your Rabbits Entertained

Thu 9th October, 2014

A lot of people unfortunately aren’t fully aware of how easily bored rabbits can get. They can become very bored and depressed quickly if they haven’t got some form of entertainment to keep them occupied. You need to make sure you are providing your rabbits with a number of toys for them to play with,…

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