5 Reasons why rats make great pets

Thu 29th January, 2015

There are variety of fantastic pets that you can adopt into your family, which all suit a number of personalities and lifestyles. However, we often feel that a few pets can be underrated for how great they are – including rats. So here is our attempt to convert you into a rat lover! 1. They’re…

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Famous Cartoon Dogs

Wed 28th January, 2015

How many cartoon dogs can you name? Burgess Pet Care have come up with a few iconic dogs that we believe stand out from the rest, so, scroll through our list and please let us know if there are any pooches that we may have overlooked. Snoopy Snoopy is a beagle owned by a boy…

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Beautiful but slightly overweight Rottweiler

Does your dog rank in the top ten cleverest breeds?

Fri 23rd January, 2015

You may think your well-trained pup is the most intelligent (and obviously adorable) chap on the planet…but is he actually intelligent? Dog intelligence is gauged in different ways; every breed has something to give, but your dog’s mental agility will be limited by his breed. Dogs bred to hunt, retrieve or work, for example, have…

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owners and rabbits - teddy

Do rabbits predict the future?!

Thu 22nd January, 2015

No, we’re not suggesting your furry friends should go to a Hairy Hogwarts, but our survey of popular names, bunny style, may show that pet names help predict baby names! Late last year we uploaded a blog discussing top rabbit names – and you all started to discuss what your buns were called. So we…

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Rescue dogs – before and after pics

Tue 20th January, 2015

Many of you may have heard of the social networking and news website, Reddit. Reddit allows community members to share content, such as images and links. The community in the /aww subreddit began sharing pictures of their before and after pictures of their rescue posts and the result was amazing! *some readers may find some…

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Our 5 Favourite Famous Internet Cats

Mon 19th January, 2015

Most cats love to get attention from their owners; being majestic and intelligent animals we love to give them it! With the easy availability to share your proud pet pics and videos online, some four legged friends have become an internet sensation. We can’t get enough of these addictive videos! Be prepared for the ultimate…

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Coping with the loss of a pet

Thu 15th January, 2015

Our pets really are our best friends. They are loyal, pass no judgement, and they are there in times of need, so it’s no surprise that some of us feel closer to our pets than we do human beings. This is why it isn’t strange for people to experience intense grief at the loss of…

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Top 5 most unusual guinea pig breeds

Thu 15th January, 2015

It’s not like any of us need an excuse to look at photos of adorable guinea pigs… But we thought that some of these rarer breeds should get a little bit more love today! After scrolling through the expanse of the internet, here are our 5 favourite unusual guinea pig breeds which you may not…

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all kinds of rabbits burgess

Our Burgess Bunny Family Album!

Wed 14th January, 2015

Just before Christmas we asked you on Facebook to fill in a survey, to let us know your bunnies’ names. With over 1000 names entered, we ended up with a good idea of the most popular Burgess Bunny names! To complement the survey, we then asked you to post pictures of your beloved bunnies, if…

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How Can I Tell If My Cat Needs Sensitive Food?

Mon 12th January, 2015

All pets need care and attention from their owners. This is true even for pets that don’t seem to want anything from their people. Cats are rather independent creatures and tend to decide when they want your attention. Because cats often go about their own business, you might be a little confused about whether your…

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