How well do you know breeds of cats?

Fri 10th April, 2015

Most people are very familiar with recognising the different breeds of dogs without having to think about it. When it comes to breeds of cats however, this isn’t often the case. Although it is harder to tell the difference between breeds of cats than dogs, there are actually over 50 domestic cat breeds. We think…

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keeping rabbits cool in warmer weather

Keeping rabbits cool in warm weather

Thu 9th April, 2015

Around Burgess HQ this month we’ve happily been enjoying the warmer weather that comes with the beginning of spring. Whilst we all seemed to be having internal debates on what kind of jacket we needed, we couldn’t help but think of our bunnies that have to get through the upcoming summer with their fur coats….

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perfect photos of pets

Take the perfect pic of your pet with our 5 simple steps

Wed 8th April, 2015

Ever tried to take a photo of your pet doing something funny and cute, and then just as you get your phone out they change position? We’ve all been there. It can be difficult to capture your pet, especially during their best moments. However, with social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram dominated with fantastic…

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London Pet Show Competition

London Pet Show Competition!

Thu 2nd April, 2015

It’s officially spring! And to celebrate we have an exciting competition starting… We have 20 tickets for the London Pet Show on the 9th and 10th May to giveaway to a few of our lucky followers. For a chance of winning all you need to do is post a photo of your pet on our…

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guinea pig care

Training your guinea pigs

Mon 30th March, 2015

Did you know that it can be pretty easy to train your guinea pigs to do tricks? Guinea pigs can’t really be trained in the same way as a dog can but, with a bit of patience, time and a couple of treats your guinea pig will be able to carry out tricks at a…

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dog on holiday

Pet friendly holidays in Europe

Fri 27th March, 2015

Now that we’re officially in spring we can’t help but dream of better weather… If you’re starting to plan your holidays for this summer, you don’t have to be restricted within the UK if you’re bringing your dogs with you. Bringing your dogs with you to Europe doesn’t have to be an ordeal. All it…

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Happy Pet

15 reasons our pets make us happy

Fri 20th March, 2015

Today is officially the International Day of Happiness! We couldn’t help but take a quick vote in the office to see how our pets make each of us happy. Tell us if you agree with any of these… 1. They teach us that you should always be yourself! 2. Caring for a pet can improve…

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Enrichment for Small Pets

Playing with small pets

Wed 18th March, 2015

No matter what size our pets are, like any human they can get bored. It’s important to provide them with plenty of enrichment activities to keep them entertained as well as the added bonus of strengthening your bond with them! Whatever you decide to play with them, make sure it’s fun for the both of…

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Protecting your animals from theft

Mon 16th March, 2015

Sadly, we’re hearing about more horror stories in the news and social media where pets that have been stole by thieves. Many people are under the assumption that only small purebreeds are common targets, but this is not the case. All dogs are potential targets no matter how big or what breed they are. To…

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How to prevent your dog from chewing your belongings

Thu 12th March, 2015

If your dog feels the need to chew everything is sight then this could leave your space looking rather threadbare. For most dogs this issue can be temporary and it doesn’t need to last forever. Chewing is a natural behaviour which tends to occur between 7 and 12 months and can last around 6 months….

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